6 Great Works of the Renaissance Period

The period just after Middle Ages was an era of political stability and prosperity, the two prerequisites for development of art and literature. This period from late 14th century to early 16th is termed as Renaissance period emerged in Italy. It was during this era that philosophy, literature and art developed. The great masters like “Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and Raphael “emerged and enriched the world with their creations. Most of the Renaissance art has depiction related to religion as that time around religion has a strong hold. Pope himself was a patron to many artists. During this era, artists came from all sections of society and had to learn and practice under the supervision of a master before moving on to solo work. Some of the great works of this period are:

Wedding at Cana by Paolo Veronese

This painting, which is currently adorning the walls of Louvre museum, is oil on canvas depicts the biblical wedding feast. According to the New Testament, it was when Jesus turned water into wine.

The School of Athens

A believer of coexistence of pagan with Christianity, this fresco at apostolic palace interprets the same message. Raphael considered that philosophy was a divine form of knowledge and hence knowledge giants like “Plato and Aristotle” are painted in the centre along with 19 other Greek philosophers.

The Last Supper

Unlike other frescoes, which were done on wet wall, this was done on dry plastered wall of Dominican convent dining hall. As Leonardo was very experimental in nature not many of his paintings exist today. One of the most studied paintings of Leonardo could not survive much in original form and all that we have today is the repaired work.

The Creation of Adam

Another great fresco of High Renaissance on Sistine Chapel ceiling by Michelangelo
Centuries back this masterpiece suffered damage from candle smoke. A major restoration work done in 1980s revealed back details but also gave birth to controversy among the art fraternity.

Madonna of the Meadow

This oil painting by Raphael was done for Taddei family. In this picture Virgin Mary looks down at baby Jesus whereas John the Baptist is kneeling and offering a cross to Jesus.

The Last Judgment

A Dutch painter Hieronymus Bosch created this triptych which is displayed at “Academy of Fine Arts Vienna”. Its three panels depict Garden of Eden, last judgement and the hell depicting Satan from left to right.

Numerous works are available from this period and all care and precaution is taken to preserve them for the coming generations to see these great works of art and get inspired.

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