How to Layer Clothes Stylishly in a Winter?

Winter is the that season of the year, where you can experience those chills down your spine due to the drop in temperature. All that you need to do is, wear the right clothes to enjoy the weather. Layering your clothes will not only keep you warm but also make you look stylish while you are out enjoying the weather. How do you layer? Read on to find out.

layer clothes stylishly in a winter

The base layer of clothing you wear is the one that will hug your body and would hardly be seen outside. So you can preferably wear thermals as your first layer, which will definitely keep you warm in the extremely cold weather.

The mid layer is an important layer and things can get interesting here. Wearing a fleece or a lightweight mid layer will allow you to breathe. If you end up wearing a thick mid layer, it can start getting hot inside and this will make us feel uncomfortable. If the cold is unbearable then padding this with a sweater will keep you warmer. Don’t forget to choose the right color and pattern to this layer as it is the first layer which is going to be visible. This works best if you choose different textures to this layer.

layer clothes stylishly in a winter

The outer layer is most exposed and wearing an outer shell will help you stay warmer, it will also make you look very stylish. Having a waterproof and a windproof outer layer can be very beneficial if you are travelling. Wearing a longer outer layer will add on to your style rather than keeping it at the same length of your mid layer. This layer is usually left open to expose the other layers which are underneath. Consider the right fit as this layer defines the way you look.

Now that you have all the layers in place, you can improve this style by adding a few accessories like a scarf, a hat, a pair of multifunctional gloves, comfortable boots and many more. Whatever suits your style and outfit.

Once you manage to get these layers right, you can start playing with the colors and textures. Going monochromatic is never out of style. While you have many layers on you, the strategy is to choose the right fit for all your layers. Failing to do so will damage your stylish appearance. Look good, stay warm and enjoy the winters!

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